Autumn Menu

    • Starters

    • Sweetbread, pig's ear, zsendice, melon, baby roman salad

      2500 Ft
    • Duck liver, beetroot, hazelnut, pickled summer fruits

      3300 Ft
    • Beef tongue, seashell, green tomato,cucumber

      2500 Ft
    • Confit cherry tomato, nasturtium ice cream, beans, greens, sablé crumb (V)

      2200 Ft
    • Soup

    • Cold vegetable marrow cream soup, smoked trout, dill ice cream

      2000 Ft
    • Podded beans soup with sour cream (V)

      1500 Ft
    • Mains

    • Lamb neck, buckwheat risotto, mustard seed summer marrows, anchovy, tarragon

      5500 Ft
    • Creamy polenta, confit tomato, crispy parmesan, roasted kapia sorbet, eggplant (V)

      2400 Ft
    • Mangalitsa rib, beans, potato dumpling

      4500 Ft
    • Goat kabsha, green wheat with almond

      4500 Ft
    • Quail breast, rice, peas, mushroom, zsendice

      5500 Ft
    • Fish of the day, bulgur, beetroot, orange, roasted tomato jus

      5400 Ft
    • Cushion, mellow curry sauce, summer greens, crispy polenta

      6700 Ft
    • Desserts

    • Goat cheese, salted lemon, French parsley, milk chocolate crumb, red fruits

      2400 Ft
    • Watermelon, cucumber, mint, pistachio

      2000 Ft
    • Milk chocolate, rosemary, buttermilk sorbet, sour cherry sorbet, red fruit

      2800 Ft
    • Only for Weekend

    • Mád "flap" soup

      1600 FT