Autumn Menu

    • Starters

    • Pressed pig, fruity mustard, greens

      2800 Ft
    • Warmish trout, greens spicy tortilla, lemon mousse, butter sauce

      2800 Ft
    • Aged mangalitsa pork loin, homemade noodles with pumpkin seeds, flap mushroom, sour cream mousse

      2800 Ft
    • Quiche with goat cheese, beetroots, green tomato, ginger

      2400 Ft
    • Soup

    • Flap mushroom cream soup, buchweat, grape

      1800 Ft
    • Thom Kha Gai

      2800 Ft
    • Mains

    • Pheasant breast and leg, filled pasta with pumpkin seeds and potato, quince, cocoa bean

      5200 Ft
    • Guinea fowl breast, carrot, fennel, pearl barley

      5500 Ft
    • Confit beef rib, parsnip, Jerusalem artichoke, black savoy

      4500 Ft
    • Roasted cheveril, vadouvan, noodle with poppy seeds, black salsify, beef tendon

      5000 Ft
    • Mangalitsa pork loin/-neck, batata, onion, cabbage, sauered forest mushroom

      5500 Ft
    • Roasted trout, pumpkin, vegetable roots, pumpkin seeds crumble

      5300 Ft
    • „Zsendice” cheese, spinach, spelt

      2500 Ft
    • Desserts

    • Jerusalem artichoke, sunflower, quince, Campari

      2400 Ft
    • Pumpkin seed mousse, white chocolate, grape, sea buckthorn

      2800 Ft
    • Pear with red wine, manioc with beetroots, cocoa, lemon cane sorbet

      2800 Ft
    • Only for Weekend

    • Mád "flap" soup

      1600 FT