Discover Mad


Wine and bike among the slopes

Enjoy a bike tour with your best friends and in the meantime we’ll show you the magical world of Furmint. Get an insight among the lines. As a part of the tour we will invite you to take part in wine tasting to feel what is hidden in the bottles. A time of your life and thoughtfully picked wine tasting are guaranteed at the end of the tour.
Alternatives: 7-14-20-km bicycle tours.


Adventurous slope-tours

During the tour our guests can visit the most beautiful and the oldest slopes where they have the opportunity to taste the Szent Tamás wines in an authentic environment after a professional wine tasting presentation. The tour is easy to do on foot; however, flat-soled shoes and some resolution are recommended.


Grill House

You can grill broaches and vegetables on burning hazel skin. You, your family and friends will participate in an eastern atmosphere and enjoyment of heavenly tastes.


Educational Centre

This facility is located a few meters from our restaurant. It could be a perfect choice for study tours, conferences, presentations and team-building trainings. The house has a cellar of its own, which can also serve as an authentic event venue.